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Protect them from the get-go

As soon as you take your shoes home, remove them from the box and give them a thorough spray with a leather protector to protect against stains, repel moisture (i.e. stinky shoes!) and keep them looking new for longer.

Wearing School Shoes in

Leather school shoes may initially feel stiff; this is due to the leather being tough to ensure durability. As most kids wear sandals and thongs during the summer, school shoes can take some adjustment.
We strongly recommend that your child wears their school shoes (with socks) on carpet around the house before the school term begins. Leather is a natural material that will soften when worn and will mould to the shape of the foot, therefore aiding comfort on your child’s first day back at school.

Scuffing and Polishing

Kids wear school shoes five days a week, so you can expect some scuffing. We recommend using a shoe polish every week to hide scuff marks and keep school shoes looking new. All our school shoes are of premium quality with leather that has gone through a tanning process where colour is bled through the shoe, making scuffs less obvious.


Velcro is a great option for kids who don’t know how to tie shoelaces, or prefer a quick way to secure their shoes.

  • Always close the Velcro strap as this will reduce the amount of lint and fluff they will encounter.
  • To remove the fluff and other bits from Velcro, use an eyebrow comb or toothpick to lift debris out between the hooks

Most shoe repairers are equipped to fix, or replace Velcro.


No matter what, laces will wear and tear. You can purchase replacement laces from most shoe repairers and department stores.

Check fit every 6 months

Kids feet grow at different rates, however on average they grow 1 – 2 sizes a year.
Our Fit Consultants always fit school and sport shoes with growing room, however it is important to bring your child (along with their school and sport shoes) for a fit check six to nine months after purchase.
Our Fit Consultants will ensure the shoes are still the correct fit for your child’s developing feet.


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